DS Domination


For the last couple of months I have actually been seeing a lot of people promoting this DS Domination program on Facebook. Typically I attempt and remain away from the current launch of the month club so I can stay concentrated on Level One and my various other companies. I tossed DS Domination aside till one of my close company partners brought it to my attention.

When I got inside floored me, what I discovered!

DS Domination is not your average MLM/Affiliate advertising program. They in fact have an item that will instruct you how to earn money on Ebay whether you sponsor a single person or not. Your capacity to make cash with DS Domination
Has ZERO to do with exactly how well you can sponsor or sponsor.

Below are a few things that you WILL NOT need to fret about in DS Domination.

Youtube Videos
Facebook Marketing (spamming).
Solo Ads.
Capture Pages.

Here is the reason. DS Domination really teaches you how to dropship products from Amazon directly to your consumers on Ebay. That indicates that you do not should deal with to products or deliver the items to any individual.

With DS Domination you copy a listing in Amazon using the techniques received the back office and then when the consumer pays you and you have the cash in Paypal you then acquire the item from Amazon and ship over to then customer straight! It is so simple. Here is an example of exactly how I made a few quick dollars today with DS Domination.

You can see that I acquired the item on Amazon for 101.75.

Then I went on and sold it to a customer on Ebay for 125.50.

A good little revenue of 23.57 minus fees. Not retirement cash by any means, but once you have a couple of hundred products detailed and you are offering 10+ products each day you could easily quit your day task.

DS Domination Compensation Plan.

I do not wish to spend too much time on the DS Domination Compensation plan since it is not needed to "re-sell" it to generate income. It is straight and really easy forward.

There are 5 products in the back office.

Pro- $19.95 per month.
Elite $ 100 per month.
Unleashed $249 one time.
Monopoly $499 one time.
Market Xtreme $199 one time.

You should possess an item to get paid on it otherwise it skips up to who ever has it. You also must pay a $9.95 per month affiliate cost to "re-sell".

The DS Domination Compensation Plan is broken down on the plan below. To unlock levels 6-10 you have to have 14 personal sales to certify.


Why Get Started With DS Domination Today?

You ought to begin with DS Domination today because you are worthy of to lastly make money online. Hundreds of individuals in my team are lastly making cash.

Along with the amazing training in the DS Domination back office when you join me you will likewise get FREE access to our Facebook group where you can ask concerns and get instant feedback.

If you choose to promote this as a business chance, you will get access to our group training website getting access to our special capture pages and web marketing training.


DS Domination Review


DS Domination (Drop Ship Domination) is the first platform on the internet that allows users to use the power of popular worldwide brands and business. This is my DS Domination testimonial.

Drop Ship Domination generally is a drop-shipping program that has been put together by Roger Langille, who has been creating a significant earnings over the last 10 years by copying product info from one business website to an additional. DS Domination is now available for the general public and received a lot of publicity because. A couple of companies DS Domination deals with are Amazon, Ebay and Walmart.

How does DS Domination work?

At the minute, Drop Ship Domination is a completely revolutionary platform that ends up being complimentary if you generate two leads, which is relatively simple to do. The service is entirely automated: it uses simple copy and paste functions in order for you to get information quickly from A to B. What DS Domination essentially does is that it provides you devices and training on the best ways to earn money offering on Ebay and purchasing from Amazon along with numerous others through drop shipping. Prices to enter into DS Domination start at just $19.95 a month, at which point the individual can make discount rates by generating extra members. When the member is making enough cash, they have the choice to subscribe to a more sophisticated strategy of $120 in order to get more certain training and support.

Earning money through DS Domination

At the bottom of this DS Domination evaluation you can choose to become an affiliate where you can instantly make cash with their intricate affiliate network. Rates are occasionally granted to utilize of DS Domination that struck certain sales volumes every month. In essence, the core reasons for members to utilize Drop Ship Domination are as follows:.

DS Domination permits you to make cash instantly from the start of the program.

DS Domination permits you to purchase your very own company without utilizing your very own money.

DS Domination enables you to do all this without having to sponsor affiliates. It's simply you and the item.

As it stands right now, 85 % of everyone who has actually joined DS Domination have actually earned income within their first 3 days. I actually do not believe there is any various other program out there that has stats like those. This is a program for anyone who just desires to start a business online and make money right away. For someone who does not wish to build up a brand and advertising abilities that take years to master in "hopes" of being one of the 2 % in the industry who earn money.

This is for everybody.

So what are you waiting for? Register now below this DS Domination evaluation and get going with generating income immediately. I am business partners and friends with the creators and will coach you to success (although the system is so simple I doubt you 'd need it).

Does Tribe Pro Really Work?



TribePro is an internet marketing program that functions on the base of a “tribal community”. These said “tribes” being groups of internet marketers, interested in the same product, sharing the same business ideals, or just interested in growing together on the ladder to success.

For the professional blogger, Tribe Pro may spark some interest, as it allows one to share their blog and any of its features to up to one thousand or more social media websites, getting not only media traffic to see your product but also providing back-links that give your business that much needed boost in search engine rankings.

The base of the community is their shared content, a simplification of how it actually works being “if you share my content I’ll share yours” so to speak. Seemingly a win-win situation, however, it does come with a price. Many bloggers advocate using the TribePro Plus member ship plan or the paid member plan because the free plan offers next to no syndication to popular social media sites, like Twitter or Facebook.

The site offers an easier alternative to you manually working on creating back-links to your site, and trying to syndicate your own website content.  It takes most of the hassle and frustration away by offering a clean and already processed alternative, to the invariable amount of time you would be spending on doing the same thing.

TribePro uses automatic submit and auto syndication functions that allow other people only relevant to your market niche to follow you.

Another detail to have a keen eye on if you are considering TribePro as your next business opportunity is to do some researching. A little information does go a long way, as literally the media traffic to your website will depend on the persons having links to your website, or in other words syndicating you.

Its important to make sure these persons are trustworthy, and reputable, and have optimized pages, as a favorable presentation on their part will be a favorable presentation on your part, and vice versa. In the end the persons that form a part of your community will be relevant to your upward climb, or downward spiral in the TribePro program.


There have been various success stories out of the TribePro community, and their have been others that have failed. The most important thing in the end will be your hard work, and the choices you make. There is no black and white is internet marketing, as various methods although very distinct can be successful, or failures in their own right. TribePro is no different, the choice inevitably is yours.


PLS Review


Power Lead System

I tried not to look, I tried not to pay attention, but when my business partner and my resident tech genius Micheal Reyes asked me to take a serious look at the Power Lead System, I did.

I have to say, the Power Lead System is looking to be something very special!

I try not to get caught up in hype. Would never get anything done and I would lose my shirt trying to buy all of the launches and different programs that are launched every single month if I did I. I had seen the Power Lead System sales funnel a few times from random people spamming links on Facebook so I really didn’t pay attention. It was only until my partner told me about the features in the Power Lead System that I really got excited.

You see, I could really give a crap about 100 % twisted commissions or whatever they call it in the Power Lead System compensation plan video. If there is no value I WILL NOT promote it because I have a reputation to uphold and it’s not the way I like to do business.

What Is The Power Lead System?

The Power Lead System is a platform that you can create stunning capture pages and sales funnels to promote ANY program that you are involved in. You see, the main problem with promoting any system or MLM online is that your replicated website or system looks exactly like every other website or system that everyone else has.

The idea of the Power Lead System is to be able to hide your business on the other side of a squeeze page and after you get someone’s information you can present your sales video. You can create unlimited capture pages and sales funnels for unlimited business opportunities and affiliate programs that you may promote.

What Else Does The Power Lead System Offer?

Along with being able to create unlimited capture pages and funnels you have a full contact management system in your back office. Personally I would continue to use Aweber because I like to own my own database but it is a nice perk not to have to pay an extra $30 a month like I do for it.

You will be able to create Google hangout pages where you can customize buy buttons and page styles. That way you can have a hosted hangout and be able to sell what ever you are selling at the bottom.

With Power Lead System you will also be able to resell it for very large commissions.

I wrote an entire article about the Power Lead System compensation plan here but here is the gist of it.

With the Power Lead System you will make $20 residual income on your 1st, 3rd,5 th, 9th and every 5 sale after your 10th.

The awesome thing about the Power Lead System compensation plan is that you make 50 % commissions on whatever your pass ups make. If you pass up a super star you will not have to get mad when they produce because you will still get 50 % of their pay! Pretty smart. I’ve had a few pass ups in other systems take off and it hurts watching those people kill it and you don’t make a cent!

The thing I like most about the Power Lead System marketing funnel is that you can literally give away a free version of the system called Free Lead System Forever. It is a scaled down version of the Power Lead System but it is FREE. People can use it to generate leads and also give away the free version.

The catch is that they have to pass up every other lead to the person that gave them the system unless they upgrade to a paid member for about $30. I don’t know about you but I do not want to pass up leads so I will pay along with many others!

The Power Lead System will launch on September 26th and I think this is going to be a game changer for a lot of people. Get in now before you start hearing about everywhere!

Blog Beast Review


Will Blog Beast Be The Answer?

All over my Facebook feed I keep seeing all these people advertising Blog Beast!

Poor individuals! As soon as once again Empower has offered them on some excellent advertising. But the bottom line with the Blog Beast is that unless the fix some basic problems with the blog site, it will never place well in Google! I imply consider it. When is the last time you even saw an Empower Blog on the first page of Google? It just does not happen.

It’s for a few reasons that you hardly ever see Empower blog sites place on Google. The first reason is that there is ZERO home page exposure for brand-new blogs.

You might be saying exactly what training. That is exactly my point. The trouble that I had with Empower is that I would sponsor a lot of newbies in to the system. They would get ZERO training in the back workplace about blogging even though I was offering them a blogging system. Because I wasn’t getting my quality traffic from blogging at that moment, since I was getting many of my sales with Youtube there was not much I can truly assist them with.

Quick forward a about 6 months and I get 1000′s of visitors every month for complimentary to my blog site. The good thing is that when people sign up in my company I know they signed up since they comprehend the value of Level One and what it can do for their online company.

The unfavorable about the fact that there is no hype is that some people are just motivated by buzz and flash. Simply puts if they do not see the man driving around in a Lamborghini in the sales video then they are less likely to register.

There are a bunch of people like this online. Those kinds of individuals are less likely to do anything because they are making such en psychological choice rather of a choice that is based upon reasoning.

Based on the info above I think you need to ditch the Blog Beast and choose up Level One. No hype, no fluff, just pure results!

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